Promote “Inherit Landscape” with Fashion show.

In 2015, we held the fashion show at the rice farm calls “Tambo de Fashion show (Fashion show in rice fields)” in Aso, Kumamoto which was designated as GIAHS(Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System) in 2014. Print “Inherit Landscape” on clothes and publicize internationally through Fashion Show which provides the opportunity to reflect on the important roles that local plays. The idea came from our members Nahoko who works as a farmer but also as a fashion model. “Every woman in all over the world has high interest on Fashion. Why not promote the rural and agriculture with clothes?”. The show gave the big impact in social. Governor of Kumamoto promote the Fashion Show in Aso at Milano Expo. Now, we are seeking the way to do “Wear the View” Fashion Show internationally.

Date: 01.09.2015
Client: XXX
Category: Fashion Design

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