Raise value of rural and agriculture.

As to raise value of rural and agriculture, we take on trainees or consumers to each farm of our members and keep trying to find innovative way to give the chance to visit rural area in public. In March 2017, we visited the Glamping facilities calls “the Farm” which organized by Wagoen conducts business based on sustainable agriculture. Agritourism combined agriculture and tourism is proposed for many years in Japan. However, it is not that simple for farmers who are busy in general. In the meantime, Glamping has high potential as farmhouse accommodation. The trial Glamping event which we held in summer 2017 was successfully finished that made us to consider to adopt Glamping as service among our members in nationwide. We move forward to invite as many foreigners as possible to the local area in Japan for coming Olympics in 2020.

Date: 01.09.2015
Client: XXX
Category: Fashion Design
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Other Projects

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