Published the e-learning about “sustainable energy”.

Published the free e-learning about “sustainable energy” especially for members who are women farmers. Japan’s farming sector is now at another turning point with the possible Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement and aging farming society. Only the large-scale farming will be the way to survive. However, the large-scale farming which prioritizes optimization accelerates destruction of the environment especially in rural area. Meanwhile, farmers has the important roll to tell consumers the value of agriculture and rural area. Also if the local farmers use less fossil fuel and make the sustainable energy same as products, it helps to aware the importance of farmers not only as farm-producers but as land-keepers. In the meantime, selling the sustainable energy could be another income for farmers.
 We started from the e-learning but also set up a study tour to visit sustainable energy facilities. What we want to aim with this project is to make the awareness between producers and consumers that farmers make both products and energy to keep the environment.

Date: 01.09.2015
Client: XXX
Category: Fashion Design

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